who we are

Acts Cafe Second-Hand Book Centre was set up to bless and enrich lives in the community through the reading of books.  Knowledge acquired through books, with its practical application, enriches all parts of our lives; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  When a life is enriched, accumulatively, families, businesses, communities and the nation too, will be advanced and enriched.

By recycling good books from one reader to another – a transference of precious knowledge is taking place and environmentalism is promoted.

The sales proceeds generated from this book centre support the outreach work among the migrant workers, the elderly and the needy in our community. The migrant workers build our roads, bridges and buildings; and while we honour our pioneer generation who had poured their lives for our nation, we cannot undermine the contribution of migrant workers in our nation-building. In fact, many of us are off-springs of migrant workers who dared to venture onto this land when Singapore first began.

Therefore, we desire to give back to others, through the examples of those who had so generously given themselves to us, in Singapore. So, you are invited to our book centre! Come, and be enriched; and in turn, enrich the lives of those around us, by spending a leisurely afternoon or evening with us at Acts Cafe. Have a cup of free coffee or tea and enjoy some snacks, as you browse, purchase and borrow many good books.

Thank you for your generous support to make this dream possible.

kind words

  • There are a few cafes with books but hardly any with such a wide variety of books and ample seating. The people there are friendly and helpful. What was great is that their pre-loved books can be purchased too.

    TeresaCafe Surfer
  • I had thought ACTS cafe was an eatery, only to discover on my first visit it was more than a cafe. It is a place where I can satisfy my appetite for spiritual food. On the day of the launch, I left the cafe with a couple of great Christian books which would have cost me triple the price elsewhere. It is also a place I would bring friends to freely receive prayers and a word of knowledge or wise counsel. It is truly a place of blessings and joy where like-minded book lovers and friends would love to hang around!

    RachaelStudent at Bible College of Wales
  • I love the widespread of different categories of books available. There's a book for everyone! In a cafe setting, Acts Cafe Second-Hand book centre provides a cosy environment to browse books and chat with friends.

    Lay LengBook-lover